Take Five: Good Ole Irony

This post will be short and sweet, just because I feel it’s necessary for me to document the irony that just occurred in the midst of my starving college student life.

I don’t recall mentioning that I’m an aspiring screenwriter. Well, I recently got word of a screenwriters expo that unfortunately like most of these events, is far from free. I hate to miss these opportunities, but let’s just say I’m not looking to get evicted from my latest studio before my first months occupancy is up. On the bright side, my considerate professor who spoke word of the expo, threw in a volunteer opportunity…aka free admission to the expo if you work it.

So, I email the guy in charge. I explain that although I would love to attend the seminars… the expense makes it difficult. I end with a “sign me up to help!” He emails me back in a flash. All seems secure until I read, “Oh, by the way do you have an iPad Mini? it’s mandatory for the gig.”

Big sigh.

Warning the following caption must be read keeping the utmost sarcasm in mind:
Hmmm yes I do happen to have an iPad Mini, since I can barely afford rent, have been a little too frugal with my Tp lately, and just emailed you asking to volunteer because I cant afford a ticket to the event. I’ll be sure to charge that IPad Mini beforehand!

Irony just handed Writer Girl a lesson in nothing in this world comes for free.


2 responses to “Take Five: Good Ole Irony

  1. What’s up, Lolo? Like your writing style: unembellished, to the point. It’s a rarity.

    • @ Idlagarino. Thanks so much! Just started blogging a couple weeks back and it’s a nice change of pace compared to the screenwriting process. Checked out your page and wish you the best of luck with your script, look forward to reading what you’ve got up there.

      Happy Writing!

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